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The yoga and dance weeks are an initiative ofLaContessa. An independent travel organizationspecializing in developing and offering active wellness holidays in Italy. With wellness simply standing for feeling goodl, balanced and healthy. LaContessa was conceived and developed by Carla Notenboom and Arno Joosten. She was trained as a dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher and taught in her own studio in Holland. He is a teacher of audio-visual communication at a university for vocational training and ex-director of a firm organizing fairs and events in the Netherlands. 

Six years ago they ventured the move to Italy. To make a long-cherished dream come true and to lend more quality to their lives. The two of them, together with a team of employees at the country estate, are the driving force behind all the LaContessa holiday weeks at Malga Zanga. Where they are only too happy to be of service to you with insider tips or to help with anything you come across during your holiday.


‘When we decided to move to Italy, the idea of these holiday weeks presented itself more or lessnaturally. The combination of yoga, dance and hiking with the beauty of nature en the quality of the Italian way of life is, in one word: perfect. What better place to unwind and get pampered than in the direct environs of Lake Garda? We think it is virtually impossible to think of a finercombination. Add to this the beauty of our country estate and the intimate atmosphere of the country house and you have all the ingredients for a very special holiday indeed. 

In the mean time we have been working intensively together with other yoga teachers,masseurs, guides and instructors who also love to share their expertise and love of this country with our guests. With one communal aim: offering inspiring and unforgettable holidays. In short, we love to introduce our guests to ‘our Italy’ and invite everyone most cordially to come and enjoy a real pampering holiday at the Malga Zanga country estate.’

Let us introduce you to:

Jeanet (yoga teacher)
Welcome to a week full of sunshine, rest, silence and … of course yoga! As in investment in yourself. To get new energy. In wonderful and wholesome surroundings … as a present from nature. 

By listening to the signals of your own body you can learn to be more conscious of the way you handle yourself and to turn the attention inwards (again). In our daily lives we are often already 100 steps ahead. That creates unrest. By practising yoga you remain more in the present. Concentrating on the present moment and on what is of value to you. 

However, I particularly hope that my lessons willinspire you to feel the fun, the peace and quiet and the relaxation that Poweryoga can give. 

Simply because you deserve it!

Maud (yoga teacher)
The location you will be staying at this week is just right for a ‘yoga holiday’. You can enjoy absolute peace and quiet. The beautiful scenery,the fine yoga platform with a terrific view and the personal attention of the people of the country house will make sure that you can recharge yourself with positive energy. 

During the yoga holiday at the country estate I would like to teach you to be ‘in the present moment’ again/more. To enjoy relaxation and breathing more consciously and to discover how hugely important the meaning of concentrated breathing can be for you. 

Yoga makes me feel physically powerful, relaxed and emotionally strong. I hope I can transfer this feeling to you.

Carla (yoga teacher and dance instructor)
In addition to all I have already said on this website about yoga, the country estate or the quality of life in Italy, I would like to let you know here that I look forward to the yoga lessons and dance lessons in which we will experience the fun of yoga and the ‘flow’ of movement together.Because when I talk or think about yoga and dance, that is the first thing that comes to my mind … the fun that you can have doing it. To me what counts is not the (ultimate) perfection of the postures, but enjoying movement.

There is no ‘must’ about my lessons, or me or someone else saying that it is good for you. The main thing is that it results in what you need during this holiday.

Matteo and Sabine (Thai yoga masseurs)
Thai yoga massage developed from Indian ayurvedic medicine but was also influenced by yoga and Chinese medicine. Unlike regular Western massage, this form is more dynamic and varied. In addition, we do not use oil and the person being massaged wears comfortable clothing. Yet another difference is that with us, you are not lying on a massage table, but on a mat on the ground. All this may sound rather unusual and perhaps uncomfortable. But you will find that the opposite is true. The massage is very enjoyable and valuable … we promise you an unusual experience. 

By the way, we still go to Thailand regularly toincrease our expertise and be taught by a Thai master. In addition, we give courses and workshops in which people learn the technique of Thai massage. When you are here, we will be happy to tell you about our adventures and experiences. We would love to meet you here at Malga Zanga.

IIda (Ayurvedic masseur)
Ayurvedic massage is an ancient technique which creates the right balance between physical and mental energy. Right, but how do I explain to you what my massage is about? Especially as I will bemeeting most of you only once. When you come to me, I will not be focussing on pain or discomfort so much. Although they can be brought into thepicture. I will especially try to get you ‘into contact’ with your body and the way you feel right then. Simply because these two elements are intricatelylinked. To do so, I use fragrant oil, great music and of course my years of experience.

You will experience the special value of ayurvedicmassage at first hand. Although it is different foreveryone, peace, balance and relaxation are elements mentioned by most of my clients. 

Combined with the holiday weeks at the countryestate, my massages are valuable and enjoyable for everyone. For that reason I extend a cordial invitation to you.