“A landscape that is pleasurable to the senses and that calms the mind. Maso Michei, nature at its best. It will take your breath away!”

The Maso Michei estate

The Maso Michei estate, the home front of LaContessa and your holiday, is situated in the centre of the Ronchi valley surrounded by extensive fields of grapes. Here, you will stay in our 8-room estate that offers you all of the comforts that you can wish for. With an eye for detail and a sense of hospitality.

All of the rooms at Maso Michei are attractively furnished, with a bathroom with a shower facility (that you share with one other guest) and a fantastic view of the grape fields against the impressive setting of the Lessini mountains and the Piccole Dolomiti. An estate where the quality of life is kept in honour and where it can be still be (breathtakingly) quiet.

Maso Michei, which was built in 1893, is situated between the city of Verona and the Garda lake. An ideal location for a day in, on or alongside the water or a visit to the world-famous opera in the arena van Verona.

Enjoy the Italian sun!
The estate has a surface area of 10,000m² and offers ample opportunity to laze away and relax. The estate accommodates a small sauna where you can relax in a wonderful atmosphere. The living room includes an attractively furnished sitting area for a moment to yourself or some time with your fellow travellers, who often become friends. Here, you can enjoy a book, play a game or catch up on the things that have been keeping you busy.

Enjoy the Italian sun in the afternoon outside in our garden. With a lovely covered terrace with lounging sofas, reclining chairs and hammocks. Or would you prefer a moment to yourself? No problem. Enjoy the world at your feet lying on a chaise lounge surrounded by grape fields...

Discover it for yourself, a yoga week at Maso Michei offers everything you need for the perfect holiday. You are more than welcome!

Protected landscape feature
A maso is originally an estate situated on higher ground where generations of farmers used to live and work. Simply because everything grows better here and the growing season is longer. Many of these maso’s have meanwhile been designated as protected landscape features due to their natural and cultural-historical value. And Michei? That is the name of the family that built the maso in 1893 and that worked and lived here for many years.