How to book

If you wish to participate in a yoga-holiday at the Maso Michei estate, then you can send us a brief message using the contact-form in which you are to indicate when you would like to come. We will then contact you as soon as possible. If participation is still possible, then we will grant you an option for five days, so that you can make arrangements for time off from work, for example, or consult with your family and organise your trip.

After receiving your definitive registration within these 5 days, we will send you official confirmation of your participation, along with information on the method of payment and useful travel tips. If it is not possible to book a holiday in the time period of your choice, then we will inform you of other options. You can in any case count on a quick and personal answer to your request.

As for us, ci vediamo in Italia, or in other words, see you in Italy!