Yoga pampering holiday

The LaContessa-yogaweek is for everyone who wants to enjoy an inspiring holiday and all that makes life in Italy so special. To rest, to get new energy and to be pampered. 

With numerous activities, but also with moments of reflection. Sitting at the table, enjoying the quality of the food, the company of like-minded people and the restful atmosphere of a warm summer night. Or outside on a bench, gazing at the setting sun changing into a sky with thousands of stars. Together, breathlessly enjoying nature at its finest. 

It is in particular the combination of physical exercise and mental relaxation which makes this week so precious. Additionally, our offer distinguishes itself by expertise, personal attention and love for life in Italy.

The sun on your skin

All the lessons take place on a beautifully decorated studio in the open air. That is combining pleasure and pleasure. You engage in yoga with a view of the mountains while at the same time you feel the air around you and the sun on your skin. A beneficial combination. Every session finishes with relaxation and wonderful music. You leave the lesson with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, ready for lunch. You do not have to go far for that, as the yoga platform is situated very close to the restaurant. Here you will find a beautifully laid table already waiting for you. All you have to do is sit down. Great, isn’t it?

Buon appetito!

The dishes from the restaurant originate from the typically Italian (vegetarian!) cuisine and are prepared with honest produce from the region, such as olive oil, cheese, plums, polenta, honey and fine wines. Five days of enjoying full board. The remaining two days you have the opportunity to choose where you want to have dinner. 

That way you can get to know the traditional cuisine of Trentino, where authentic recipes based on the farmers’ tradition are cherished. Think carne salada, canederli or strangolapreti. A visit to a mountain cabin is not to be missed. To taste, to discover and to be pampered tastefully…buon appetito!