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Harmony and inner peace

Yoga is good for the body as well as the mind...

By practicing yoga, you can improve your physical fitness and you will feel more energetic. You will become more flexible, stronger and your breathing will deepen. In terms of your mental well-being, yoga will improve your ability to focus, to set your mind at ease and to find a healthy balance. 

In our sessions, we work with elements that stem from various styles of yoga, such as easy flow-, hatha-, vinyasa- and power yoga. These are alternated with periods of rest and relaxation. The ultimate content of the yoga session is determined by the specific expertise of each instructor and will be geared to the needs and experience of our guests, so that everyone can participate on his/her own level. In this way, you will become acquainted with the unique value of yoga. And it is not about performance, nor is it a competition. It is about your possibilities, your wants, and your needs. An offer that is geared to you!

By practicing yoga positions, movement patterns and breathing techniques, you will get to know your body all over again and in a different way. You will immediately experience more peace of mind, space and freedom of movement. And with the help of focus-, concentration- and relaxation exercises, you can (re) gain control of hectic and worrisome thoughts. And once the body and mind is at ease, there will be room for insight, harmony and inner calm...

But more than anything else, yoga is fun and suitable for everyone. The lessons last approx. 2 ½ hours. That may seem long compared to many yoga sessions in England. But just wait and see...the time will fly.

Experience it for yourself during a holiday week with us, yoga works for you too!

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